Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Columbia U. Program on Disability and the Law

I just received this announcement:

The Columbia University Seminar on Disability Studies


Wednesday March 2, 2005

4:00 – 6:00 pm

Faculty House 400 West 117th Street

Dinner to follow. See below for details and directions.

Why is there a rollback against disability rights legislation in the United States? What new legislation is being proposed to counteract adverse decisions by the U. S. Supreme Court? How can we help ensure that the rights of people with disabilities will be protected in a too-often hostile environment? What is happening in other nations that impact on people with disabilities? These and other related questions will be addressed by three speakers actively dealing with these issues.

The Globalization of Disability Rights Law

Arlene Kanter, Professor of Law and Co-Director, Center on Disability Studies, Law and Human Policy, Director of Clinical Legal Education, Syracuse University College of Law

US Disability Law

John Gresham, Senior Litigation Counsel, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

Respondent: Sagit Mor, JSD (Doctoral Program) candidate at NYU School of Law. Formerly an attorney for Bizchut (By Right), an Israeli disability rights organization.

Moderators: Doris Zames Fleischer and Frieda Zames, both affiliated with New Jersey Institute of Technology and co-authors of "The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confrontation."

Lecture is free and open to the public. ASL interpreters will be present.

For information, you can contact heeralparekh@yahoo.com.


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