Tuesday, February 01, 2005

District's Special-Ed Problems Detailed

See this article by that title in the Washington Post. The first few grafs:

The court-appointed administrator in charge of transportation of special education students in the D.C. school system said yesterday he is poised to seek a judge's order requiring the school board to allocate an additional $14 million for the program.

David Gilmore, appointed by the federal court in 2003 to oversee the transit of about 12,000 special education students, released his semiannual report to a federal judge yesterday outlining what progress he had made in getting the students to school on time and correcting other long-standing problems in the program. Gilmore was appointed as part of a settlement reached in a class-action lawsuit that parents of special needs students filed in 1995 against the school system and D.C. government.

In his 75-page report to U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman, Gilmore said the school system has blocked his efforts to improve special education services, and the school board has not approved his full budget after six months.


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