Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tennessee v. Lane Hits Israel?

See this article in Haaretz, which begins:

The courthouse in Hadera is a three-story building with zero elevators. Its courtrooms are on the second floor. So if you're in a wheelchair, be you a lawyer or the defendant, or a mere witness, you can't attend the hearing. That's how it goes.

Judge Mohamad Massarwi found a simple solution to the problem. He ordered attorney Victor Mizrahi, who was disabled during his army service, to empower another lawyer to appear in his stead.

Wheelchair-bound Mizrahi was to appear in Hadera Magistrates Court, and asked to move the venue of the hearing to the ground floor. But Judge Massarwi refused, pointing out that the ground floor had no courtrooms nor facilities for typing the minutes of the hearings. He therefore ordered Mizrahi to empower another lawyer to represent the defendant.


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