Friday, March 18, 2005

The Gimp Parade on Molski

The blog "The Gimp Parade" has this take on the Molski case. Most notable for my purposes is this excerpt:

In my hometown, both the local post office and the renovated screening rooms of the movie theater are inaccessible to me. To be clear, the only post office for miles around has no way for me to enter and no current plans to change because of the age and historic nature of the building. Dozens of other local businesses are inaccessible too, and this is not unique to this current residence of mine. Like other mobility-impaired individuals, when I consider going somewhere new -- when friends or family discuss a social outing with me -- the first consideration we must have is whether or not the place we wish to go is accessible. If it complies with the law. As often as not, we must alter our plans. If I decided to sue every business I came across that was truly violating the law just by failing to give me entrance into their front door (never mind restroom accessibility, which is equally important, really), I would not have to exert myself to become a serial plaintiff too. Noncompliance is everywhere.


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