Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Machan: ADA is a "Bad Law"

Tibor Machan, who "holds the R.C. Hoiles Professorship in business ethics and free enterprise at Chapman University," has a very interesting take on the recent ADA-vexatious litigant controversy from a certain kind of libertarian perspective. A taste:

But here is the lesson: Once a bad law gets on the books, there is probably no way to nail anyone for abusing it since one can only abuse what is generally good. The ADA law is generally bad, not because disabled people do not often deserve a break -- although, again, this may not include people who go out of their way to engage in risky conduct or, especially, those who act recklessly. It is bad because it is coercive, conscripting vendors to benefit the disabled, something no one deserves, not even for the sake of providing such help.


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