Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Inaccessible Transit in P.E.I.

See this article, which begins:

An advocate for persons with disabilities says Charlottetown's new buses should be accessible to everyone, but four buses purchased for the city's new transit system can't be used by people in wheelchairs. Deputy Mayor Stu MacFadyen said people can use Pat and the Elephant, a not-for-profit organization that provides transportation for people with disabilities.

"In talking with Pat and the Elephant and talking to people, that's working well. And the city will still subsidize Pat and the Elephant and we'll go from there." The executive director of the Canadian Paraplegic Association of P.E.I. said using Pat and the Elephant costs $6 per ride, while the new transit system will cost $2.
Um, does the public transit that nondisabled people use have a cutesy name like "Pat and the Elephant," too, or is that just a special bennie that goes with getting charitable paratransit services? Just wondering.


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