Thursday, May 26, 2005

More Irish Disability Law Smackdown

See this article. A taste:

Disability groups today vowed to continue their fight against the new Disability Bill as it entered the Seanad.

A noisy protest was held outside Leinster House as the legislation finally passed through all stages in the Dáil after eight months of debate.

The Bill, which will now be considered by the Seanad on Tuesday, is expected to be made law before the summer recess on July 1.

Disability Federation of Ireland chief executive John Dolan said people with disabilities remained “extremely unhappy” with the legislation.

He told several hundred protestors: “Society must change to suit us, not us change to suit society. We need basic rights and services to take our place in mainstream society.”

* * *

The Bill, which promises to deliver high-quality support services for people with disabilities, has been slammed over its failure to include rights-based access to services.


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