Saturday, June 04, 2005

Disability Law in New Hampshire

See this op-ed in the Manchester Union-Leader, which begins:

LATE last month, the New Hampshire Senate voted to deny citizens with disabilities equal protection when it comes to employment. In a 12-12 vote, the Senate failed to afford individuals with disabilities the same right to equal employment opportunity as racial and religious minorities and women; indeed all citizens.

It was a shocking development. All the public testimony before the House and Senate committees supported this long overdue civil rights legislation. The bill had won the support of the House, and had been recommended by the State Human Rights Commission and the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities as well as the House committee (15–0 vote) and Senate committee (4 to 1 vote).

There is, however, one more chance for the 12 senators who voted against the bill and their colleagues to send a message that all of New Hampshire’s citizens deserve a fair shake when it comes to employment.


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