Friday, July 22, 2005

Travelling to Find Inaccessibility

See this article, which is notable only for the fact that the folks complained. It begins:

In the eyes of two handicapped Florida women unable to access local shops and restaurants, the city and many of the businesses in it are in blatant disregard of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

On Wednesday, one week after arriving in Gatlinburg, Diane White and Janet Severt, of Floral City, Fla., decided they would file complaints with the city and anyone else who would listen, including television and print media.

ADA prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for people with disabilities in employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation, according to the ADA Web site. The law was enacted by the federal government on July 26, 1990.

White and Severt said they came to Gatlinburg July 13 for a party celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Severt's parents and immediately ran into problems.


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