Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Connecticut P&A Investigation of School for Kids with Learning Disabilities

See this article, which begins:

Poorly behaved students with learning disabilities are being dumped and left to languish at the Hartford Transitional Learning Academy, which should be closed, according to a report released Wednesday.

But Superintendent of Schools Robert Henry said there are no plans to close the Washington Street facility.

The report, issued by the state Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, called the school's academic program "incoherent" and unimaginative. It said therapeutic services are lacking, as is a standard process for deciding who is admitted to the academy.

The investigation began in 2004 after allegations surfaced that children were being inappropriately confined and physically abused. Investigators had to get a court order to enter the school, and by the time they did those abuses had ceased, the report says.

"If we accomplished nothing else through this investigation, at least it was a catalyst for change in the restraint policy," said James D. McGaughey, executive director of the protection and advocacy office. "We're pleased that changed."

See this article as well.


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