Friday, January 13, 2006

Disability Chief Denied Help

See this article from Britain by that title. It begins:

The head of the Disability Rights Commission was left stranded by staff at London's Euston station after there was no one to help him onto a train.

Bert Massie, a wheelchair user, said staff told him they were too busy to help him board the Virgin West Coast train to Liverpool.

And in the Dept. of Good Timing:

The incident comes at a time when the DRC is about to launch an advertising campaign to highlight discrimination and indignity experienced by disabled people on a daily basis.

Mr Massie says it is often not simply a matter of wheelchair users being able to catch the next available service.

"There are only three seats on every train that a wheelchair user can occupy - if they're pre-booked, we have to wait for a train that does have space."

Mr Massie blamed Network Rail's management for not having sufficient staff at Euston and for using untrained security workers to assist disabled people.


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