Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Disabled Athlete Loses Artificial Limb After Checking it on Plane

Ravi Malhotra passes along this ridiculous story by that title (which Canada.com somewhat offensively filed under "oddities"). Here's the beginning:

An airline has lost disabled New Zealand athlete Kate Horan's artificial leg, just one week before the Paralympics world track and field championship in Amsterdam.

Horan, a former world record-holder in her section of the women's 100 metres, was forced to check her $6,400 US running leg to the baggage hold on a British Airways flight because of security restrictions on cabin luggage.

The leg did not reach Amsterdam with other bags and the airline was unable to locate it, Horan said.

"They said there's 20,000 bags sitting in Heathrow and mine is just one of them. I was told they don't know where it is," she said.

Thankfully, this is an area in which the TSA seems to be much more sensible than its foreign counterparts.


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