Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Canadian Blind Voting Case

Ravi Malhotra passes along this article, which begins:

A blind man from Saskatoon who says his rights were violated in the last provincial election took his case to a human rights tribunal Tuesday.

Robin East said he was discriminated against because he wasn't offered an alternative to the standard ballot that would have allowed him to vote secretly and independently.

"If I can't vote in secrecy and without assistance, then I really have nothing as an individual," East said in an interview.

"To me, this is a fundamental right and an extremely important issue."

The hearing in Saskatoon before Sheila Denysiuk began Tuesday morning. The province's chief electoral officer is the defendant in the case.

Ravi comments: "I am amazed we are still dealing with basic issues like this!" But it's just as bad here. See this briefing for some of the gory details (and see the case cites here).


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