Monday, November 27, 2006

EEOC and Chase Reach $2.2 Million Settlement in Disability Discrimination Claim

See this article by that title. It begins:

The EEOC issued an administrative determination on March 11, 2004, finding that there was reasonable cause to believe that Bank One violated the ADA by failing to properly accommodate a group of employees who were medically released to return to work after leaves of absence exceeding six months. Bank One automatically protected employees' jobs when employees went on a leave of absence for less than six months. However, for employees who went on longer leaves of absence, the EEOC found that Bank One violated the ADA by terminating some employees without first attempting to determine on an individual basis whether they required additional job protection or other accommodations because of a disability. In 2004, after the EEOC's finding was issued, Bank One merged with Chase. Chase assumed negotiations with the EEOC following the merger of the two companies.

As a result of the settlement, the merged company will distribute $2.2 million among 222 individuals who went on a long-term disability (LTD) leave of absence from Bank One and whose employment was ultimately terminated. Chase will also reinforce its policies to individually assess whether a disabled employee on a disability leave of absence should receive additional job protection or other accommodations. Chase will provide training on the ADA and its revised policy to all managers, human resources professionals, and employees of its Disability Management Services department.


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