Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stadium Access in Canada

See this article, which begins:

Diane Edgeworth says she'll reluctantly give up her Winnipeg Blue Bombers season tickets after 30 years, because it's just too hard to enjoy the games in a wheelchair.

But Bombers' president Lyle Bauer said Tuesday night he'd like a chance to help Edgeworth keep coming to games.

"That's why we need a complete overhaul or new facilities," Bauer said. "We do not have adequate amenities for our fans... adequate seating for disabled fans."

"I realize it's an old place," Edgeworth said Tuesday.

Edgeworth suffers from multiple sclerosis, and can no longer walk the steps to her fifth-row seat. "It's really difficult, because we're in the middle of the row," she said.

The field-level wheelchair area is "crappy", Edgeworth said. "It's demeaning to be put in a place where it really is an afterthought.


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