Thursday, October 27, 2011

Philip K. Howard Opposes Accessible Taxis

See this op-ed from the noted attorney and author of such works as The Death of Common Sense.  It begins:

A recent lawsuit against New York City argues that, under the broad mandate for "equal access" under the 1991 Americans With Disabilities Act, all taxis must be wheelchair-accessible. The relief demanded would require, over the next five years, that all 13,000 New York City medallion cabs be replaced by cabs that cost about $15,000 more - basically to have their frames cut and then stretched to accommodate a ramp and room inside for a person in a wheelchair. The other alternative is forcing all medallion owners to buy new, accessible cabs that are even more expensive. 
This is not a frivolous lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a supporting brief. 
The financial implications of the case are dramatic. Making all taxis wheelchair accessible is likely to add almost $200 million to the cost of new taxis, and then again when they wear out in five years.



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