Friday, March 16, 2012

"Ashley Treatment" on the Rise Amid Concerns from Disability Rights Groups

See this article by that title in the Guardian.  It begins:
A controversial procedure to limit the growth of severely disabledchildren to keep them forever small – which ignited a fiery debate about the limits of medical intervention when it was first revealed five years ago – has begun to spread among families in America, Europe and beyond. 
The Guardian has learned that at least 12 other families have carried out or are in the process of undergoing such medical therapies. The total number of children who have been administered with hormones to keep them small may have reached more than 100 and interest among families extended into the thousands. 
The Guardian is in contact with two of the new families, both involving severely disabled children who were adopted. They include the world's first known example of a boy who has been given hormone therapy that keep him child-sized for the rest of his life.
Disturbing stuff.



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