Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicago Tribune Op-Ed Gives Institutional Family Perspective on Deinstitutionalization Litigation

See William Choslovsky's op-ed, Who Speaks for the Disabled?  These three grafs give a sense of the argument:
Although the advocates are wrong, even if they were right, shouldn't my family's choice be honored? After all, if this is about respect and honoring choice — in all its forms — why is Rita's choice wrong? I respect and applaud any disabled person's choice to live in the "community," so why won't the advocates in turn respect our choice? 
The advocates also prey on labels like "community" versus "institutions." But community is an artificial term, too often used as a limiting condition that divides more than it describes. 
My "institutionalized" college dormitory was more of a community than many of the (supposed) "integrated" places I lived subsequently. One man's institution is another man's home. The labels mean little and are simply code to support pre-existing positions.

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