Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is the South Dakota Medical Licensing Board Violating the ADA?

That's the provocative question this op-ed asks.  The key grafs:
In March, the South Dakota Medical Board filed a public reprimand against a young physician within our state because of his previous diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The reprimand came about after the applicant answered these personal questions on his application to the state board. The board’s inquires about illness and addiction do not elicit meaningful knowledge regarding competence and go against the ADA. These questions fail to achieve ostensible goals of protecting the public. Instead of violating the applicant’s privacy with questions that do not satisfy the state’s interest of protecting the public, why not ask questions about their conduct? 
This example of a state-written public reprimand for this doctor’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis flaunts a misuse of power by the board.



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