Thursday, May 03, 2012

Long LA Times Story on Pool Lifts

See this story, which is pretty good, though it downplays one key point and omits another.  The point it downplays is that (as I've said before) existing pools have to install new lifts only if doing so is readily achievable -- in the vernacular, cheap and easy.  It is simply not true that every pool in America has to have a lift by May 21.  If a "small mom-and-pop hotel . . .  can't afford the cost," as the article quotes someone putting it, it doesn't have to install a permanent lift in an existing pool.  But the article is easily read to suggest otherwise.

The point the article omits is any discussion of the reason why many people with disabilities prefer permanent lifts to temporary ones.  At a small hotel with only a temporary lift, there are often unlikely to be staff available to bring out the lift and put it in place when a person with a disability asks for it.  A permanent lift, by contrast, is always there and thus gives people with disabilities the same opportunity to swim as nondisabled patrons.

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