Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Popeyes Apologizes to Man with Service Dog

See this article by that title from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  It begins:
The Popeyes restaurant chain said Monday it has apologized to the college student asked to leave a Cobb County location because he had his service dog with him. 
Taylor Gipson, 20, has Type 1 diabetes and relies on a British Lab named Bear to alert him to rises or drops in his blood sugar levels, he told the AJC. But during a recent visit to the Popeyes on Windy Hill Road near Marietta, Gipson was asked to leave by the store manager, who then called police. 
"After reviewing all of the facts, I think we could have handled the situation better," Wendy Harkness, chief legal officer for Popeyes' parent company, told the AJC in a statement Monday.

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