Monday, June 18, 2012

Mike Ervin (aka Smart Ass Cripple) in NYT on Medicaid Cuts and People with Disabilities

See this op-ed.  It begins:
TIMES are hard. The states are broke, and some say it’s the fault of people like me, sucking up Medicaid dollars. 
Last week, here in Illinois, the governor signed into law $1.6 billion worth of Medicaid “reform.” The ax came down on disabled children and young adults who are M.F.T.D. — medically fragile, technology dependent — those who have tracheostomies, are ventilator-dependent or need central intravenous lines. New co-payments and income caps could mean that many of these young people will no longer be able to receive care at home and will have to be institutionalized. No more free lunch for them!

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