Saturday, June 16, 2012

Protesters Seek Pool Access for People with Disabilities

See this story by that title from CNN.  It begins:
"Access is a civil right," chanted more than a hundred demonstrators rallying on Thursday in Washington for a law that would force hotel owners to install pool lifts for people with disabilities. 
The protesters, including representatives of the American Association of People with Disabilities, rallied outside the American Hotel & Lodging Association's headquarters. The protesters say the hotel group is stalling the legislation. 
Ann Cody, an athlete who is paraplegic, was one of the protesters. "This summer, 70% of Americans will be going on vacation and staying at a hotel with a pool -- it is something that is very important and it is a summertime activity that our communities celebrate in and participate in -- and most of us with disabilities don't have an opportunity to engage with our neighbors and friends and families because they aren't accessible," Cody said.

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