Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Senate HELP Committee Report on Employment of People with Disabilities

You can read it here.  The report states clearly that competitive, integrated employment should be the goal of federal policy in this area.  In a cover letter, Senator Harkin says that he will introduce bipartisan legislation that will:
 help young people with disabilities transition successfully from school to higher education and competitive, integrated employment that can lead to quality careers and economic security;

 help disability-owned businesses compete effectively for contracts within all levels of government and the private sector;

 create incentives for States to develop and test new models of providing income support, rewarding work and offering long-term services and supports that will better enable people with disabilities to live in the community, work and earn to their full potential, and remain employed after the onset of a disability; and

 encourage saving and asset development for people with disabilities so that they can become more economically secure and join the middle class.



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