Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starline Tours Settles ADA Suit

See this article in the LA Times.  It begins:
Amy Champlin simply wanted the classic Los Angeles experience: to gawk at movie stars' homes, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Sunset Strip from the comfort of a tour bus. 
What she got instead was an eight-month ordeal to get a reservation, a six-hour wait for a tour that never took off and a part in a federal lawsuit. The glitch: Starline Tours couldn't provide a working wheelchair-accessible bus for Champlin and her group, who were in town for a National Ataxia Foundation meeting. 
On Monday, federal prosecutors in Los Angeles announced a consent decree with Starline, which bills itself as the largest and oldest of the Hollywood-centric tours. To settle an Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit brought by the U.S. attorney, the company agreed to ensure that enough of its buses are wheelchair-accessible and to train its employees.

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