Sunday, October 07, 2012

Seven Credit Unions Sued for Inaccessible ATMs

See this article, which begins:
A Pittsburgh attorney, on behalf of three blind clients, has sued seven credit unions and several more banks, claiming their ATMs don’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s standards for accessible design. 
And, according to court documents filed by attorney R. Bruce Carlson, the lack of compliance is widespread despite a March 15 deadline to comply with the 2010 rules. Carlson cited in court documents a March 7 Wall Street Journal article that said at least 50% of all ATMs in the U.S. are inaccessible to blind individuals. 
Credit unions sued by Carlson are the $131 million Century Heritage FCU of Pittsburgh, the $203 million USX FCU of Cranberry Township, Pa.; the $1.2 billion American Heritage FCU of Philadelphia; the $415 million Primeway FCU of Houston, the $1.6 billion JSC Federal Credit Union of Houston; the $412 million Members Choice CU of Houston; and the $1.5 billion Premier America CU of Chatsworth, Calif. All suits were filed after March 15.

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