Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NYT on Accommodating Scholastic Athletes with Disabilities

See this story, which begins:
Some disabled students are experiencing their own Oscar Pistorius moments — not by breaking barriers in the Olympic Games, but by battling sports officials over whether and how disabled athletes should be accommodated in competitions with able-bodied athletes.

* * *
High schools and youth sports organizations throughout the country are grappling with similarly unusual challenges in finding ways to accommodate students with disabilities.
Should a starting light be used rather than a starting gun for a deaf athlete? Should a swimmer with one arm be allowed to touch the wall with his head instead of his hand? Should a track athlete in a wheelchair be allowed to use arm strength rather than leg muscles to propel toward the finish line? 
Federal laws have long provided guidance on what students with disabilities are legally entitled to during the school day. But what constitutes reasonable accommodation or equal opportunity under the law has become widely debated when it comes to after-school sports.



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