Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obama Administration to Finalize Home-Care Workers' Wage-and-Hour Rules?

So says The Hill.  (Thanks to Alice Wong for the tip!)  Its article begins:
The Obama administration is moving forward with a contentious and long-dormant proposal to institute minimum wage and overtime standards for the in-home healthcare industry. 
Enactment of the regulations, which are under final review at the White House, would represent a major victory for unions that have fought for decades to win higher pay for direct-care aides.

But industry groups warn that the rule would cause home-care expenses to skyrocket, hurling an otherwise healthy sector of the economy into upheaval.
Just to be clear, it's not just industry groups that have raised concerns about earlier versions of this rule, but also disability rights groups, which fear that substantially raising the cost of personal assistance services without increasing Medicaid reimbursements will force people with disabilities into nursing homes.  See these comments from DREDF as an example.  It will be interesting to see how the Department of Labor responded to the disability community's concerns.

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