Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Disabled Driver Gets Spot, But Fight Rages

The New York Daily News yesterday ran this article about the MTA's decision to give a bus driver with a disability a parking spot close to his depot. The twist: the spot would not be marked as a spot for people with disabilities; it would be marked with the name of a (nonexistent?) manager at the MTA. The bus driver's Member of Congress, Gary Ackerman, was not pleased:

"They're looking to buy off Mr. Torres with a secret spot," Ackerman said. "Their argument is that he's the only one who needs the spot and they'll accommodate him, but the law doesn't say that. The Americans with Disabilities Act says that you have to provide at least one handicap spot for every 25."
And that's not even Rep. Ackerman's best quote, but this is a family weblog.


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