Monday, January 17, 2005

Disabled Struggle in Strike Zone

See this article by that title in the New York Daily News. The first few grafs:

The strike by two private bus lines in Queens and Brooklyn has spotlighted the plight of wheelchair users.

They were hit especially hard by the walkout, but unlike other stranded passengers of the Green and Command buses, their troubles will not disappear entirely even when the strike is over.

They still will be the "invisible men and women in New York," according to Councilwoman Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan). Even before the strike, Lopez and other activists for the disabled complained that many of the creaking buses used by the two city-subsidized companies are not equipped with wheelchair lifts.

And those buses that are wheelchair-accessible frequently come by with their lifts out of commission, said Michael Harris, 20, a disabled college student who lives in Sheepshead Bay and frequently uses a BM3 Command express bus to travel into Manhattan.


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