Monday, April 25, 2005

Canadian Parents Forced to Relinquish Custody of Kids with Disabilities?

See this article in the Toronto Globe and Mail, which begins:

The Ontario Ombudsman's office is launching an investigation into whether parents of children with severe disabilities are being forced to give up custody of them in order to get access to support services.

André Marin, who was appointed Ombudsman on April 1, announced Monday that his office is creating its first formal investigation team, with the first task probing whether children with severe challenges are being put into the custody of Children's Aid Societies in order to obtain the care they need.

”This issue is urgent and pressing and demands our immediate attention,” Mr. Marin said at a news conference at Queen's Park. ”Parents are complaining that they are still being forced to give up their children to the CAS, under the false pretence or artifice that the child is in need of protection or has been abandoned by the parents. If that is the case, it is simply unacceptable.”

This has been a problem in the US as well.


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