Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Empirical Study on ADA Outcomes

New on Westlaw: Kathryn Moss et al., Prevalence and Outcomes of ADA Employment Discrimination Claims in the Federal Courts, 29 Mental & Physical Disability L. Rep. 303 (2005). From the introduction:

Our paper reports findings from the first national study of the prevalence and outcomes of Title I lawsuits in the federal courts, and combines court data with administrative data to estimate the number and proportion of unresolved administrative cases that reach the federal courts. We find, like Rulli, that settlements represent a significant source of benefits to ADA claimants who bring their cases to court, but also that the vast majority of people who are eligible to sue do not do so. Thus, while many more ADA litigants benefit from lawsuits than the reported case data suggest, our findings point to a deeper and more wide-ranging problem: a shortage of legal services, or some other set of barriers.


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