Thursday, May 25, 2006

New EEOC Document on Accommodating Attorneys with Disabilities

The EEOC has released this document on accommodating attorneys with disabilities. It's a really great resource. From the introduction:

This fact sheet addresses the application of the reasonable accommodation obligation to attorneys and their employers.4 Attorneys with disabilities, both as applicants and employees,5 may need a range of accommodations in order to apply for and perform many types of legal jobs. Most of the accommodations that attorneys with disabilities may need are similar to those needed by other professionals with disabilities who work in an office setting. Thus, much of the discussion in this document will apply to a wide range of administrative and professional jobs.

This fact sheet reviews many of the most common types of reasonable accommodations that lawyers with disabilities may need. 6 Some of these accommodations, such as modified schedules and telecommuting, are often used by legal employers generally to attract and retain attorneys. Many legal employers have recognized the importance of flexibility to remain competitive in hiring the best attorneys. For these employers, providing reasonable accommodation will be an extension of this approach. In addition, providing reasonable accommodation for qualified attorneys with disabilities serves the larger goal of enabling legal employers to diversify their workforce.


Blogger Yolo Flatlander said...

It is amazing that the EEOC refuses to enforce discrimination laws against law firms and other employers refusing to employ any noticeably disabled attorneys and instead publishes volumes on access and accommodation. How can disabled attorneys with noticeable disabilities get a job in the first place? This is the first question that the EEOC needs to answer.

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