Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Book on Race and Disability in Education

Ravi Malhotra just sent along a plug for a new book by Beth A. Ferri and David J. Connor entitled Reading Resistance: Discourses of Exclusion in Desegregation And Inclusion Debates. Here's the publisher's book description:

Reading Resistance confronts longstanding exclusionary practices in U.S. public schooling. Beth A. Ferri and David J. Connor trace the interconnected histories of race and disability in the public imagination through their nuanced analysis of editorial pages and other public discourses, including political cartoons and eugenics posters. By uncovering how the concept of disability was used to resegregate students of color after the historic Brown decision, the authors argue that special education has played a role in undermining school desegregation. In its critical, interdisciplinary focus on the interlocking politics of race and disability, Reading Resistance offers important contributions to educational research, theory, and policy.
Ravi suggests we all take a look!


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