Monday, August 21, 2006

D.C. Parking Meter Settlement

More arrears: My friend and erstwhile cocounsel Seth Galanter writes to let me know of this great settlement his firm negotiated last month in an important case. Here's an article on the settlement; it begins:

District officials have agreed to make the city's 17,000 parking meters more accessible to drivers with disabilities and recognize out-of-state handicapped parking permits.

The moves are part of an agreement to settle a lawsuit filed two years ago by disability rights advocates. The settlement requires the District to make numerous changes, including ensuring that every block with parking meters has at least two that are easily accessible to people using wheelchairs or scooters.

"The city is going to become significantly more accessible to people with disabilities in a wheelchair or in a car," said Kathleen A. Walsh, a manager with the Equal Rights Center, one of the organizations that brought the lawsuit.


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