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Light Posting

Posting will be light until about Valentine's Day. Between now and then I have to meet a deadline on this piece, prepare for oral argument in the first case listed on this calendar, file briefs in this case and this one, get mixed up in this matter, teach a class with this guy, and do my day job.


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On a lighter note ...

I feel I should share a post I posted over at the Volokh about the Federalist Papers that is at its heart what Title II, Americans With Disabilities Act and the Judicial Conference of the United States disability communication auxiliary aids and services policies in the Courts are all about for paperless electronic assistive technology users (e.g., screen readers, speech recognition, and other gizmos that make every disabled person's life a little better)

The Post:

The Federalist Papers --

It is just amazing how so many in todays world continue to debate the meaning of these papers, while losing sight of the most important fact of all -- what the writings are inked upon, "Papers." And so it will come to pass as their worlds as-they-know it collapse from all around them, the temperatures heat up, waters rise, and the great northward migration begins.

American papermaking began just over 300 years ago in Philadelphia. The first paper mill was established in 1690 in Philadelphia,, the hotbed of a youthful Bar and Bench.

Papermakers learned how to make paper from trees in the mid-1800s, allowing a massive expansion in communications via paper usage. At the time, people considered forests and energy to be unlimited, and air and water infinitely capable of cleansing and renewal. Today, we recognize the limits of resource demand and the necessity for environmentally sustainable production systems -- i.e., the place paper should have in our brave new world.

The United States produces more paper and paper-board than any country in the world. It has maintained this position by consistently producing about one-third of total world production, far more than any other country. That's a lot of blame for who's causing global warming.

Todays Courts and Bar Examiners in at least four States -- Florida, Georgia, California, and Kentucky -- vigorously support massive deforestation efforts to maintain their paper-based judicial and attorney licensure systems. And lets never forget in addition to the Florida State Courts Systems resistance to paperless change, the number of paper briefs people have to file at the Florida Supreme Court, paper ballots, hanging chads, and Bush v. Gore.

As we are about to hear on February 2nd, when the first of the devastatingly grim global warming disaster climate change reports is released, it will become more clear than ever -- these State Courts and Bar Examiners should no longer have the right to exploit the environment by utilizing deforestation to maintain a massive paper-based system that locks out disabled paperless electronic assistive technology users from meaningful access to the Courts and their licensure while destroying our Earth. Three centuries of global warming destruction is enough.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again -- the northward migration from Florida is at the threshold, we need global climate change attorney reciprocity now.

As Bob Dylan warned many many years ago ...

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone

-- Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin'

Now there's something for The Federalist Papers to really write about.

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