Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nice Opinion on Zoning Accommodations for Group Homes

New on Westlaw: Developmental Services v. City of Lincoln, 2007 WL 1290082 (D. Neb., May 2, 2007). The court's introduction sums it up:

Evidence showing heaps of red tape, garnished with bureaucratic indifference and inconsistent and irrelevant posturing by city officials, elected and otherwise, does not make the City of Lincoln guilty of consciously intending to discriminate against people with developmental disabilities. But that evidence, and more, does prove that Lincoln denied a group home provider and its developmentally disabled clients reasonable accommodations to land-use requirements. As a result, taxpayers will have to pay the provider a lot of money for the City's violation of federal law. Sadly, by merely acting reasonably, Lincoln could have easily avoided that expensive outcome.

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