Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SHRM Press Release on ADA Amendments Act

A press release on Ed. & Labor's passage of the ADA Amendments Act from the Society for Human Resource Management -- one of the large management-side organizations that lobbies on employment law issues -- is here. An excerpt:

"Although we agree that the law needs revision, recent legislative proposals for that purpose actually threaten to water down and weaken a bill that has transformed our nation.

"Under those prior proposals, ADA protection would have been expanded to employees with temporary impairments. That would have simply diluted the resources available to employees with disabilities who truly need and deserve accommodations.

"In contrast, the legislation that passed the House committees today is supported by both the employer and disability communities. It focuses protection on those who need it most. It corrects the damage done by court interpretations over the past decade that have weakened ADA coverage for people with diabetes, epilepsy, serious
heart conditions, mental disabilities, and even cancer.

"Both the employer and disability communities have been able to unite behind this bill for a reason -- it is an effective remedy that is perfect for no one, but fair for everyone. It will put more Americans to work, and protect the people most deserving of that accommodation."

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