Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Court Battle to Drive Golf Cart on Sidewalk

See this article by that title. It begins:

Morris Steinheimer and Mandy Fugate live in Treasure Beach.

They both suffered brain injuries years ago which inhibit their ability to walk.

So they often have traveled by golf cart to church, the YMCA, and the grocery

Steinheimer told First Coast News, "It gives us the means to get around town and be independent."

However, state law says operation of motorized vehicles is not allowed on sidewalks.

That's where Steinheimer has driven his golf cart.

St. Augustine Police Chef Richard Hedges said Steinheimer has received about a half dozen citations and warnings for driving on sidewalks.

Steinheimer, Fugate and their caregiver, Sandy Middlemiss, argue the state law violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"Just look at the federal ADA laws," Middlemiss said. "It's clear that a person with mobility impairment uses a golf cart as a mobility device where pedestrians go. How much clearer can that get? It's federal law. Federal law supersedes local."

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