Friday, February 04, 2005

UN Treaty Writers Weigh Abortion Ban for Disabled

See this Reuters dispatch by that title. The first few grafs:

U.N. diplomats drafting an international treaty on the rights of the disabled debated a possible ban on the abortion of fetuses with disabilities in an emotional negotiating session that ended on Friday.

A working text of the convention would prohibit the termination of a pregnancy in the case of a fetus with a disability in countries where abortion was otherwise legal.

"It was a very emotional argument, and if you are a person with disability and you are thinking that you might have been aborted because of your disability, it becomes a very personal issue," said New Zealand Ambassador Don MacKay.

Diplomats ended up deferring action on the ban because it was too hot a topic, said MacKay, coordinator of the two-week session.

Hmm. Maybe this'll get the Bush Administration to get on board . . . . When pigs fly, I suppose.


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