Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Colker on Antisubordination and Disability

New on SSRN: Ruth Colker, Antisubordination Above All: A Disability Perspective. The abstract:

An integrationist perspective underlies federal law and policy in the areas of education, institutionalization and voting for individuals with disabilities. Professor Colker argues that an integrationist perspective historically evolved in response to subordinating, stigmatizing and degrading disability-only policies. Extending her 1986 work on the appropriateness of an anti-subordination perspective for the fields of race and sex discrimination, she argues that an anti-subordination perspective should also guide the field of disability discrimination. She contends that the measure of equality should be anti-subordination rather than integration. Disability-only policies can serve an effective role in the disability civil rights movement and should not be dismissed as 'inherently unequal'.

This looks to be a very interesting and important paper.


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