Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mississippi Law Journal ADA Symposium Now on Westlaw

Now on Westlaw: The papers from the symposium the Mississippi Law Journal held last year to mark the 15th anniversary of the ADA. I wasn't there, but the conference had an all-star lineup and the papers are quite interesting. They are:

Helen A. Schartz et al., Workplace Accommodations: Empirical Study of Current Employees, 75 Miss. L.J. 917 (2006);

Anita Silvers et al., Disability and Employment Discrimination at the Rehnquist Court, 75 Miss. L.J. 945 (2006) (which unconscionably fails to cite my Alabama Law Review piece on Echazabal, but I'll forgive them);

Ann Hubbard, A Military-Civilian Coalition for Disability Rights, 75 Miss. L.J. 975 (2006);

Kaaryn Gustafson, Disability, Fluidity, and Measuring Without Baselines, 75 Miss. L.J. 1007 (2006);

Camille A. Nelson, Starting Anew: The ADA's Disability with Respect to Episodic Mental Illness, 75 Miss. L.J. 1039 (2006);

Elizabeth Mills, Comment, How Bizarre? The Application of Reasonable Accommodation to Employees "Regarded As" Disabled Under the ADA Does Not Necessarily Lead to Bizarre Results, 75 Miss. L.J. 1063 (2006); and

Elizabeth Penn, Book Review, Disability Civil Rights Law and Policy, 75 Miss. L.J. 1085 (2006).


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