Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Most Websites" Failing Disabled

Kate Tapley passes along this BBC story by that title. It begins:

Most of the leading websites around the world are failing to provide the most basic accessibility standards for people with disabilities.

Ninety seven percent of websites did not provide even minimum levels of accessibility, a new survey has found.

Accessibility agency Nomensa tested the leading websites in five different sectors across 20 countries

Only three websites, including the British Prime Minister's site, achieved the minimum standards.

The report, commissioned by the United Nations as part of its International Day of Disabled Persons, will make depressing reading for anyone committed to the idea of equal web access for all.


Blogger Kathy Podgers said...

I wish I knew more about this issue. I don't even know how to tell if a site is accessible. Are blogger blogs accessible? I feel so....

11:35 PM  

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