Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Georgia-US Olmstead Agreement

See this article, which begins:

Georgia has made significant strides in moving the developmentally disabled and mentally ill out of state mental hospitals and into community settings -- despite notable gaps in care, a new report shows. 
No longer admitting the developmentally disabled into state institutions marks a “landmark accomplishment” for Georgia, according to the report by Elizabeth Jones, an independent reviewer appointed to track the progress of a five-year agreement between the state and U.S. Department of Justice. 
Over the past eight months, the state's efforts include placing 192 developmentally disabled people -- who have lifelong mental or physical impairments that often prevent them from living on their own -- into homes with no more than four people. Under the agreement, the state also aims to provide community-based support to 9,000 mentally ill individuals. Overall, it plans to spend $72 million in the first two years alone.



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