Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hamline Law Review Symposium on Disability Law

Just out:  The disability-law symposium issue of the Hamline Law Review.  The issue includes:

Richard Bales & Lindsay Mongenas, Defining Independent Contractor Protection Under the Rehabilitation Act, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 435 (2011);

Grant T. Collins & Penelope J. Phillips, Overview of Reasonable Accommodation and the Shifting Emphasis from Who is Disabled to Who Can Work, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 469 (2011);

Amy J. Goetz, Tammy L. Pust & Atlee Reilly, The Devolution of the Rowley Standard in the Eighth Circuit: Protecting the Right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education by Advocating for Standards-Based IEPs, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 503 (2011);

Daniel Stewart, How Do the States Regulate Restraint and Seclusion in Public Schools?  A Survey of the Strengths and Weaknesses in State Laws, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 531 (2011);

William Dikel & Daniel Stewart, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and Special Education: Recommendations for System Redesign of a Failed Category, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 589 (2011);

Robert C. Bird, The Power of Uncertainty in Disability Law, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 605 (2011);

Alex Meyer, Note, Disabling Parents: How the Minnesota Supreme Court's Well-Intentioned Decision in Independent School District No. 12 v. Minnesota Department of Education Undermines the Role of Parents on IEP Teams, 34 Hamline L. Rev. 623 (2011).



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