Friday, October 21, 2011

Rep. Duncan Hunter on the ADA Notification Act

See this op-ed under his byline in the North County Times.  It begins: 

When it comes to job-creation barriers, there's a litany of tax and regulatory impediments contributing to high unemployment and preventing employers from putting people back to work. Often missing from the discussion on what's holding back job creators is the threat many businesses face under the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Twenty years ago, the ADA was enacted to improve access to places of public accommodation for disabled Americans. It was never intended to be a vehicle for personal profit, which is now the case for a number of predatory attorneys and individuals that are cleverly leveraging existing law against honest and unsuspecting small-business owners.
In California, one lawyer alone has filed more than 200 lawsuits against small businesses under questionable or misleading pretenses. These lawsuits come at a price. Each legal pursuit costs businesses time, money and resources that, aside from helping to make payrolls and pay other expenses, could otherwise go toward meeting compliance standards once a complaint is filed and determined valid.
For my take on this issue, see this old article of mine.



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