Thursday, January 05, 2012

Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal, Says Major Report to Parliament

See this article by that title from the Guardian.  It begins:
MPs should consider changing the law on assisted suicide to allow some terminally ill people to end their lives at home with the help of their doctor, a major report into the subject has concluded. 
The Commission on Assisted Dying, chaired by the former lord chancellor Lord Falconer, says a choice to end their own lives could be safely offered to some people with terminal illnesses, provided stringent safeguards were observed. 
Describing the current law on assisted dying as "inadequate and incoherent", the commission will today outline a legal framework that would permit only those who had been diagnosed with less than a year to live to seek an assisted suicide, and then only if they met strict eligibility criteria.
The commission at issue appears to have been put together by a right-to-die group called Dignity in Dying.

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