Sunday, January 23, 2005

Appeals Court Halts One-Armed Driver

See this article by that title. The first few grafs:

The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled against a one-armed man who wanted to drive his logging truck without a prosthesis.

The state Department of Transportation pulled Scott Cook's driver's license almost five years ago when it discovered he was driving without a prosthetic arm, as required by federal law.

Cook, 46, of Bandon lost most of his left arm at age 5 when it was caught in a meat grinder. He said he doesn't need a prosthesis and that it would hinder his driving. He sued the state and several of its employees, claiming they violated his right to due process and his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday affirmed an earlier decision in Coos County Circuit Court that the department has the right to make its own rules and exceptions as they apply to Oregon drivers.

The opinion to which the story refers can be found here. Apparently, Cook has driven the truck for 20 years without having an accident.


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