Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Disability Policy in the UK

See this article on the BBC website. The first few grafs:

A plan aimed to substantially cut the inequalities faced by disabled people has been launched by the government.

Measures in four key areas are set out in a report published on Wednesday by the prime minister's Strategy Unit.

It says action is needed to help people to live independently, and families with disabled children need extra help. The transition to adulthood should be smoother, and disabled people should have a better chance in the job market, the report adds.

The report, called Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People, is backed by four government departments.

The hope is that, by 2025, disabled people will be accepted as equal members of society.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said the strategy would mean "increased choice and control... and ultimately a better quality of life for disabled people".

As Tony Blair's use of the terms "choice and control" suggests, part of the proposal includes an expansion of the Direct Payments program that gives individuals with disabilities a pot of money to pay for the services they choose. On that point, see this article from the Guardian.


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