Monday, January 17, 2005

Lawyer's Polio Prompted Him to Aid Disabled

See this article by that title in the Wichita Eagle. Some interesting snippets:

* * *

With the types of cases Calvert handles, the groups he sues face no penalty for their apparent wrongdoing and do not pay damages, Lowry said.

"So who in their right mind would bring them? Nobody except people who really care about people with disabilities and their civil rights."

* * *

Calvert said he sees ADA violations everywhere.

About 80 percent of parking in Wichita is not compliant, he said.

He doesn't eat at some local restaurants because his wheelchair won't fit through bathroom doors, Calvert said.

* * *

Lawsuits come as a last resort, he said. He's filed about 15 related to accessibility issues for people with disabilities.

Lengthy negotiations often follow.

For example, Calvert and his client -- the Independent Living Resource Center, which filed the suit -- worked with the city for nearly a year before the settlement.

The drawn-out process can get frustrating, Calvert said.

But he's changing attitudes little by little, he said.


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